The fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends

The fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends from the Fashion Weeks are having a bit of an identity crisis (in the best way possible). There could be no final compromise on the spirit of the season – was it nude and natural? Or daring and neon?

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You’ve taken advice from all your married and unmarried friends, made a checklist of everything and followed the bridal beauty rulebook to the tee… and yet, there are a few things that you’ve completely forgotten about. Talking to brides who spoke in retrospect, here is our list of the most common mistakes most brides are guilty of…

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Which Lipsticks Color Makes Teeth Look Whiter?

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First of all, lipstick-wearing works similarly to other types of color-correcting. You probably know how green primers correct redness in the face, and peach concealers correct blue veins in under-eye circles. Likewise, warm-toned lipsticks will counteract cool tones in teeth and further bring out yellow (which is a warm tone), while cool-toned lipsticks will counteract warm tones in teeth and make them appear whiter.

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